Woohoo!! TrumpCare is here.

Go kiss a Republican right now and thank them. Yes, step away from your laptop or stick your phone in your pocket and start asking people if they are Republican. Tell them you are allowed to kiss them on the lips (no tongue please) and smack them on the ass and say "attaboy, thanks for all that freedom". If they resist, just try harder - they love it. If they complain or ask who said you could... tell them TrumpCare biatch! Just remember if someone smashes your face, it will be considered a pre-existing condition.

Your Friends at TrumpCare

4 thoughts on “Woohoo!! TrumpCare is here.”

    1. Turn your monitor down. Burned retinas will not be covered by TrumpCare – neither will skull fractures from slamming your head into the wall over and over and over…

  1. The website is hysterical. But seriously folks, I shed real tears after reading through the
    entire website. Unless you are loaded (with money) you are doomed and if you have a pre-existing condition (especially a chronic pre-existing condition) you might want to
    start a funeral trust account NOW.

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