Don't Worry, Trump will Cover You

Pre-existing conditions? Lifetime caps on life-saving care? Your insurance company will never jack up your rates when you get sick? Everyone gets a  a pony too.

Have We Got a Health Plan for You

You will love your new healthcare and you will have more choices than ever. We had some secret meetings and decided it for you. Keep your health plan? Yes. Keep your doctor? Yes.

Trump Delivers on His Promise

TrumpCare health plans will cost much less for many many people who will pay nothing. They will be priced out of the healthcare market. Save thousands not buying health insurance.

TrumpCare Plans cost more than Obamacare — and cover fewer people. Rejoice! Details here:

Here are the deets: The biggest policy proposal in Trump's health care plan is the repeal of Obamacare. Importantly, this allows insurance companies to charge sick patients exceptionally high premiums or refuse to cover them — two practices the Affordable Care Act prohibits.

An Obamacare repeal will shrink Medicaid to cover a smaller population and eliminate the federal marketplaces where 10.4 million Americans currently purchase coverage.

Taken together, these changes would result in 23 million people losing insurance, the Congressional Budget Office estimates.

Number of people losing insurance with Trumpcare
Trumpcare price increases